Monday, June 13, 2011

A little touch of polka dots ☻☻

The challenge of this week that Dany and Flor proposed is to wear a polka dots.

I was looking at my closet but one of my polka dots shirt I gave to a member of my family because I thought I never would be use it again buuu.. that´s why the only thing that I found to do the challenge was something to use on my head.

I love this photo but at the same time i hate it because my hair looks not good buu



  1. I love it! Headband looks super pretty on you, love the contrast with the turquoise and lilac, great way to spice up an outfit, isn't the challenge so much fun? ... Hope you can check mine!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  2. ohhh I forgot I had a headband too! (well.. I have no idea where it is lol). You look amazing! Chic, casual, and relaxed!


  3. your idea was very outstanding!!! i think every one of us have and love a headband like that, but no one remembered it!!! LOL
    i definitely like it!!!!

  4. Lovely headband! Hola otra vez Jackelyn! Me encanta tu idea, no habia pensado en los complementos, creo que me habría salido mejor el reto!

    A ver si te gusta mi look, no se si puede valer como lunares jeje


  5. i so love ur blog!!
    lol ur headband is wayyy cute!
    im def following u!!

    please check out my blog

  6. Thx for your comments bellas!
    Yeiii!! I love to do the challenge! Its a great way to be more creative when its about fashion!

    Scarlett: Thx doll! I will follow you too! :)

    Kisses bellas!


  7. Great look love!! Polka dot headbands look fabulous on you!!

    p.s. thanks for visiting my blog. :)


  8. Me encantó tu look y tus accesorios, mas el anillo negro es realmente bello
    me encanta tu blog te sigo y también en chicisimo, me haría ilusion verte por el mío aqui te lo dejo

  9. oh wow i really like your necklace and how you infused polka dots(which is the trend now) into your whole outfit with that bandana! love it!

    i'm following you, so follow me gorjas! everyone else.. please feel free to follow ;) independent fashion blogger unite yo :P

  10. <3 it looks very boho!! I was between my dress or make a headband haha.
    If You want, check my dots outfit in
    kissu, Pao


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