Friday, July 15, 2011

Loving to my bright pants ♥

I definitively love my hot pink pants but at first I was scared because I thought that it would be difficult to combine with other colors however is a great colour and I couldn’t resist to buy it.

I combine my pants with this lovely shirt with a cute design that I love.
I bought this bracelet when I was in Panama.
My second award
I’m so happy because Cess from The Outfit Diaries gave me “One lovely blog award” how great is this! :D
I already told you seven things about me when I received my first award but and this case I’ll tell you other different things that I want you to know!

7 things about me
1. I have one sister and one brother I’m the middle one.
2. Everything and when I say this means EVERYTHING makes me laugh and thanks God that I have the funniest friends.
3. My best friend lives in U.S.A and I miss her every time but we always are in touch by internet, facebook, msn! I love technology!
4. My favourite food is lasagne and shrimps.
5. I love to shop but definitively the thing that make me crazy when I do that are the shoes!
6. I like so much the photographies design   that I have photoshop in my Iphone
7. My favourite colour is purple and fuchsia. 

And the “One lovely blog award” goes to:
Collage Vintage/ Delicious Mode No es trivial/ 2 Minutos/

"The happiness is to forget the problems; to value what is had and to sing up to stay aphonic."



  1. Me encanta ese top y los pantalones en ese color :)

  2. Marta: Muchas gracias por tu comentario! :)

  3. these bright pants look incredible on you! thanks so much for linking up to the Color Brigade!

    cute & little
    Sproos Hair Accessory Giveaway

  4. Those shoes are spectacular!!


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