Friday, July 1, 2011

Fucsia + Yellow = Contrasting Colors!

Monday was the day to show you the contrasting color challenge but I couldn´t do it up to today!
Better late than never! :)

Initially became me a bit difficult to choose what colors I would use for the challenge but at the end it seemed to me that these two colors make a good contrast together that´s why I decided to combine my new fuchsia pants with yellow and a touch of aqua.

What do you think about my outfit?
 "I don´t forgive people because im weak I forgive them because im strong enough to know people make mistakes"



  1. hola jackly te ves sensacional grandiosa encantan los accesorios ya te sigo gabriela jimenez

  2. Hey Aly! i haven't worn my pink jeans with yellow! it looks amazing! and the little jacket doesn't overwhelm the pants! love the look! thanks for being part of the challenge! xoxo

  3. -Muchas Gracias Gaby! :)

    -Thank you dany! I like doing all this challenges! :)


  4. Oh Jacklyn you look adorable! Bright colors are fab on you, and hello gorgeous pumps!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  5. Me encantan los zapatos!

  6. Thank u girls! for all your comments ! :D


  7. Pero que lindos jeans!! la combinación es perfecta siempre me ha fascinado el amarillo con rosa ademas te hace ver guapisima!
    Me encantaría que pasaras por mi blog y si te gusta ¿Porque no nos seguimos mutuamente? :D

  8. Hola Giselle! Muchas gracias por tu cometario!

    Ahora mismo paso por tu blog y te sigo!

    Besos bella!

  9. Visiting from The Wear to go Girls facebook page.
    Great combo. I have a yellow blouse like yours that I could wear as a jacket. Great inspiration.
    Nice quote at the end as well.


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