Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Hi dolls! I want to tell you that... today is My birthday! yeii! I´m getting old hehe
I hope to have a great day!

Last saturday I met with my friends and sis to have a pre bday´s celebration and this is what I wore: a neon skirt, floral top and gray pumps! We went to a restaurant and I had a great time with them! 

Waiting until next saturday to continue celebrating! :)

I also want to share this amazing featured on Cute and little yesterday my outfit was the most voted and I won the 34th Color Brigade organized by Kileen. What a great birthday gift!!! isn´t it? :D
I´m so happy for this!

Thank u so much for visiting the blog and your lovely comments!
"Birthdays are nature's way of telling us to eat more cake." :P



  1. Felicidades preciosa! Me encanta tu falda y todo tu look. Gracias por todos tus votos y comentarios en chicisimo, espero que te guste mi blog y me sigas.

  2. Felicidades linda,besitos.
    De una compradora compulsiva.

  3. NoEsTrivial: Muchas gracias bella! Es que tienes un estilaso! Me encanta! :)

    Secretos de mujer: Que bella muchas gracias!

    Besos y abrazos! :)

  4. I like this blog. cool post. i´d like you check out mine.



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