Saturday, November 2, 2013

Sexy touch

Hi Dolls!

Another peplum look to go out at nigh! :D
This shirt has a sexy touch on front and I feel comfortable wearing this kind of shirt.
  I almost always combine my outfits with gold accessories and today is no execption hehe

Hope you like this look!

Have a great Weekend!

"I don't regret the painful times; I bare my scars as if they were medals. I know that freedom has a high price, as high as that of slavery; the only difference is that you pay with pleasure and a smile, even when that smile is dimmed by tears."
Paulo Coelho


  1. Wow sexy girl. That top looks amazing Aly. My favorite look so far from you. Have a happy Sunday!

    xx Mira

  2. cute outfit !

  3. Love the skirt !!!



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